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We Sleek Kitchens ISO 9001:2008 certified company provide Food Material Preparing Machines such as Chapati Making Machine, Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Dosa Making Machine, Vada Making Machine at highly competitive price.

About Us

Good food brings good mood, nonetheless preparation of food can become a lengthy process. At our ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Sleek Kitchens, we understand the value of your time and efforts, being squandered in long-drawn food preparation sessions. Hence, we have developed a class of latest food material preparing machines such as Chapati Making Machine, Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Dosa Making Machine, Vada Making Machine, Dough Kneader including others. Our machines render the familiar food tastes and flavors minus the troublesome preparation steps. With an inception year in the near past, we have grown to be a recognized company in the market as a leading Manufacturer and Exporter. Under the prudent guidance of our managing director Mrs. R. Revathi, we have evolved in every sphere related to our business, ergo garnering us some major clientele. We recognize the ever present possibility of betterment and try to perform better than before at every step, so that we can offer even more innovative food processing machines at budget-friendly prices.

Simplify your Food Processing

Cooking food is a day to day necessity. Our machines cannot eliminate this task altogether, nevertheless they can significantly simplify it. The wide range of machine like Chapati Making Machine, Automatic Chapati Making Machine, etc we offer will cut down your food preparation time into half. Laden with numerous features our gamut is designed to give you the finest possible result every time. They boost your food items in terms of fineness and preserve it's essence. Our machinery are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of cooking  immense amount of food items in single time. Intelligent construction and precise finishing of our machinery leave little room for any error while processing.


Our Company has a well configured infrastructure which backs up all our projects. For efficient production and prompt delivery of our machines, each department be it packaging, quality control, administration and sales work systematically in a seamless manner. As we believe in fate favoring the prepared, we maintain a fully stocked spacious warehouse, to serve bulk demands of clients even in short notice period. Our perpetual readiness combined with our spider-web network spread across the country lets us deliver orders quickly and efficiently. Here, are some aspects which make our products desirable :-
  • We manufacture products like Chapati Making Machine, Automatic Chapati Making Machine, etc with up-to-the-minute machinery, focusing on rendering processing solutions which will transform your food material handling experience in entirety.
  • Our line of machines will help you surge forward in your schedule with their commendable capacity of processing large food material batches.
  • The array of products we offer are not just efficient but they are also sturdy at the same time and will save you considerable amount of time and money by staying perfectly functional for many years.
  • We have earned a favorable reputation in the market with the great performance of our products. Our machines' trust-worthy image is evident through the standard certification acquired by us.
Our Team

You can only reap the fruit of success if you had sown the seed of hard work. We are lucky in this regard to have a team of extremely hardworking professionals working for us. The efforts of our team keep this organization running and progressing. Although a small unit of Twenty-five at the moment our team's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and fuels all our undertakings. We believe in providing quality service, and in turn earning customers loyalty. Having a highly disciplined and efficient team at our disposal encourages us to dream bigger and bolder.